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suzuki gladius

suzuki gladius
suzuki gladius white color
                                                      suzuki gladius test ride
                                                        suzuki gladius in dealer
                                                        suzuki gladius picture

                                                        suzuki gladius on the road
                                                              suzuki gladius in action
                                                                 suzuki gladius black edition
                                                               suzuki gladius wallpaper

suzuki gladius review
Suzuki Gladius may not include motor-powered speed for those who are insane, but stylish with a body like this, it could be the prestige of this Gladius will go up in no time. There is an assumption that the design was also used as a mainstay by Suzuki to lure the Rookies and female biker who recently has begun to emerge.

Suzuki Gladius was designed from the base of the Suzuki SV650 which began appearing in 1999. Many observers say that the SV650 is one of the best products in Suzuki's entry-level class. And given that the Gladius is built from the ground is good it is almost certain that this bike is also not less interesting. And improvements made to the Suzuki Gladius is also quite effective and do not make this bike to be shifted from the generation it replaces.

Suzuki gladius Actually not many changes were made to Suzuki on the engine side. Suzuki motorcycle engine is still using eight-valve V-Twin engine capacity of 645cc with a six-gear acceleration. Some of the improvements made on the old machine was actually reduces the friction so that the maximum speed can be boosted. According to Suzuki Gladius machine is 10% more efficient when compared with the engine mounted on the SV650.

Since generation SV650, Suzuki is indeed designed for the Rookies and thus made a matter of control 'as friendly as possible' with the assumption that new users will not have enough experience to deal with a motor that has attitude. But of course that does not mean then that more experienced users then miss the fun when riding this bike.

Seeing the sale price is pegged, Suzuki Gladius is actually including cheap for the quality it provides. Suzuki set the selling price of the motor with a tag of U.S. $ 6,899 or about Rp83 million for a motor that circulated since 2009. There was no cutting-edge technology installed on this bike, but with a dynamic and beautiful design like this, apparently it's still understandable. Sharp corners on the Suzuki SV650 trimmed and made a little more feminine with a large arch.

Suzuki gladius From the manufacturer's specification data, it appears that these motors can be lauched through the speed of 217 km / h, not unlike the Suzuki SV650. This is somewhat surprising as well if given the weight of Gladius is about 30kg heavier than the SV650. So assuming that the Gladius is the motor girls, probably not too appropriate. Maybe the right word is the motor is stylish.

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