Monday, June 27, 2011

suzuki bandit

suzuki bandit 
suzuki bandit 250cc
                                                                    suzuki bandit 250
                                                            suzuki bandit 250 picture
                                                          suzuki bandit 250cc wallpaper
                                                                 suzuki bandit 1997
                                                                 suzuki bandit 250cc photo
  suzuki bandit test ride
                                                           suzuki bandit 650cc red color
  suzuki bandit 400cc
 suzuki bandit 650cc black
suzuki bandit 2010
 suzuki bandit speedometer
          suzuki bandit on the road

 Suzuki bandit varian/series
Suzuki Bandit is a series of standard (sometimes called "sport-standard") street motorcycles produced by Suzuki.
The following different models of the bike have been manufactured:
GSF250 with 250 cc (manufactured 1989-94)
GSF400 with 400 cc (manufactured 1989-2000)
GSF600N/GSF600S with 599 cc (manufactured 1993-2004)
GSF650N/GSF650S with 656 cc (manufactured since 2005)
GSF750 with 748 cc (manufactured 1996-1999)
GSF1200/GSF1200S with 1,157 cc (manufactured since 1991)
GSF1250/GSF1250 ABS with 1,255 cc (manufactured since 2007)

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