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suzuki gsxr 600

suzuki gsxr 600
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Suzuki gsxr 600 Review

Suzuki gsxr 600 ,The fork is of course reversed, the brakes are radial and the more modern look, though not the aggressiveness of a Yamaha R6. With regard to equipment, there is the appearance of a shifligth, and a gear indicator. But without going back indefinitely, theSuzuki GSXR 600 2011 marks a nice evolution from the 2010 model. Aesthetically, abandoning his first three lighthouses in very large position in favor of a single optical center. One development that brings a little '2004 vintage, which means that somehow, the design of GSXR run around in circles.
Incidentally, the new body provides a weight gain of 3.4 kg.Spectacular! And as it comes to weight 600 2011 lost 9 kg in all and has made a major refocusing of the masses to improve its behavior. Judge for yourself: step reduced by 15 mm front 55 mm shorter than losing 35 in the back and the engine has been adapted with precision to 3 degrees more compact (!). While this is hardly noticeable, frame and swingarm are also brand new: the display, respectively 1350 and 900 g less on the scale. Even fight for the fork (Big Piston Fork BFP technology, which means above all a most economical method of construction) that weighs 860 grams less than the previous one, while the Brembo monobloc weighing 810 g are less than the old Nissin. When you see that they worked on mass centralization, is not it!
Even less radical than its competitors, the Suzuki GSXR 600 2011 is more welcoming. The driving position is too extreme and the driver fits easily without breaking in two. It also has adjustable footrests, which deserves mention. He faces an instrument panel is classic and very readable, which is not necessarily consistent over super. We greatly appreciate the gear indicator and diode shiftlight different, but clearly visible. The red zone starts at 15250 rev / min (unlike the 750 which starts from here photographed in 1000 rev / min before) is that the little creatures Mouline, but miracle of technology, hyperfiable! Go hop on the road!
Redesigned for more flexibility and torque, the little four-legged advantage of lighter pistons to better meet the handle, in turn, even more, and also reduce the amplitude of vibration.Work to reduce friction losses, a new exhaust and an electronic journal (with 2 modes available, but not useful) earned him a little 'in terms of performance: 0.1 kg-m and almost 1 hp, which is not much. But in reality, the engineers focused on improving behavior at low and medium so that both in the city also benefits from the good character of 600. Silent at low speed, very flexible, pointing to a sportbike relatively well, is ultimately very civilized in everyday life. Not too long, the driver happens to lift his head to head in the stream of cars, while enjoying a mild case and control. Although this is not heaven, hell or not, on the contrary.
Here we begin to glimpse the side of the work of engineers: weight reduction.On secondary roads, Suzuki GSXR 600 2011 moves more easily than its predecessor and also benefits from improved engine response raises both the weight as the best engine available. Also collects braking at the same time offering more bite. As far as comfort is all relative, but honestly, the little "Gex" Do not be ashamed to compete, is very well positioned on top of the basket.The sketch that emerges here already gives us want to know more ...
The Monobloc calipers, achieve a perfect braking feel very good, despite the rubber hoses. A shame because the GSXR 1000, admits a real weakness in this area. The explanation is simple: heavier and faster, does not have the Brembo calipers famous! ! ! Yet it sold more than 3300 €! Benefit of centering the masses (again), stability under braking is excellent.
Practical aspects
Any civilized is the Suzuki GSXR 600 2011 Sports is a pure juice, which is not too much to ask. If she cares for the comfort and driving position, it will be less difficult with the passenger, perched with her legs bent a lot. If you do not have a girl dancing (they are soft and small in general), it is likely the case of divorce, if you are planning a camping holiday in southern Spain. Baggage of passengers is also very concerned limited.Your should also bring a backpack ... There are still two crutches, but the second is under the tank to hold it up when you are working on the engine. Under the seat, there will be a small U, and perhaps a small package of CO, but little else. The suspension is of course adjustable in all directions, so as to move the track to the road with the same happy.

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